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Get Started

1. Start Visual Studio.
2. Open your work project.
3. Add new File (Ctrl - Shift - A) DotnetRessourceDSL (with a resxdsl extension) to the project.
4. Add the Ressources and their Cultures and according Relationships by drag and drop from the Toolbox.
5. Edit properties of Culture and Ressource in the Toolbox.
6. Generate Code of Resx- & Ressources Proxy-Class from text templates.

You can find samples of the ResX-Model and T4 text-templates in the trunk\ResXDSL\Debugging-Project (see Source Code_ page).

Installation Instructions:

1. Close VisualStudio.
2. Unzip file.
3. Go to directory ".\ResXDSLDeployment".
4. Run the file Install.bat or simple copy "VSIX_Package" directory into the "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\ResXDsl\" directory.
5. Restart VisualStudio.

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